Vehicle Decals Branding on the move

What better way to advertise your brand, product or campaign than on your car. If you have delivery vehicles or vehicles for reps - make use of all that wasted advertising space.


Full Vehicle Wraps Turn heads

As seen below, this car used to be white before we wrapped it.  A very complicated technique, using only the highest grade cast vinyl, and matching over laminate.  These pictures were taken while we were busy with the wrap, and therefore no finishing has been done.  

Many corporates wrap their vehicles in order to protect the paint job.  After two years of service on the fleet the vehicle gets stripped and the paint job is near perfect still.  The laminated layer of vinyl protects the paint against small scratches from car keys, rings, bags etc. 

This type of vehicle branding will sure make people look twice and it is not rude to stare, the more they see your branding, the more they get familiar with it!


Partial Wraps Make an impact

If a full wrap is not allowed in the budget, or is too outrageous for you, then there are alternatives to still get your brand exposed!  Below are samples we have done for clients where they specifically asked for partial wraps only, and one of our own vehicles we have branded only partially.


Misc Wraps other strange things we have wrapped

Because of the great characteristics of cast vinyl, we have had some pretty weird requests.  Fridges, electric bikes, boats and jet-ski's to name a few.  Here are some samples of what we have wrapped or stickered.