Stickers & Labels Custom Printed Stickers and Labels


All stickers are printed on our large format machines and custom finished according to your specification and application. Many different printable and coloured vinyls are used to manufacture these stickers.  Any stickers can be custom made - not just safety and warning labels.  See below for samples and options.







Safety Stickers Standard Pictogram Stickers


Safety stickers and pictograms can be digitally printed, or cut out of pigmented vinyls. It can be manufactured from any grade vinyl, 1 year vinyl, 3-5 year vinyl, or even 7 year vinyl. Please CONTACT US and request a safety sign manual per email for your reference.  Here are some of the safety signs available.  


Warning Labels Laminated custom labels


Warning labels are used on industrial machines to warn users to keep their hands out of the dangerous parts, or to simply give instructions on how to operate the machine. All warning labels are laminated to help protect against the elements. We can customise the design of each label to suit your specific needs.

Here are some samples


Vehicle Decals Custom decals or bumper stickers


Vehicle decals are always printed on the highest quality cast vinyl to help protect your precious assets. Vehicle decals are a great way of exposing your brand in the most creative way possible. For once you wont hate being stuck in traffic so much - every single person next to you, in front of you and behind you are now staring at your company name and branding. Be smart - make money as you sit in traffic on your way home!

Read more about complete vehicle wraps HERE


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