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Signage is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign, and the key ingredient in signage is visibility. Design for signage and design for DTP (Desk top publishing) differs widely and with many years of experience we know exactly how to make your signs stand out! Different substrates can be used to manufacture signs on, depending on usage, cost, and durability of the sign. Here is a brief explanation of the different substrates and where to use what.

Chromadek Signage Long-Term Signage

Common Use

1. Building Signboards

2. Permanent Safety Signage

3. Disclaimer Signage

4. Directional Signage

5. Anything that must last longer than 3 years

The Process

Chromadek is a galvanised sheet of metal painted white. This is the most common substrate for permanent signage.

The face of the board gets printed at 300dpi on a monomeric vinyl, which is applied to the front of the chromadek signboard. The process and materials used, ensure your signboard last for up to 3 years. Contrary to popular belief, this is the industry standard. This process can be extended depending on use and budged with lamination processes.

Laminating is a process where a clear vinyl gets applicated on top of the print. This laminating layer is specific to the material we use. This helps stop fading from UV and external damage to a certain degree. Should you wish to laminate your sign, please be specific when requesting a quotation and placing an order. Normal stickers can also be laminated, this is not only for signage



PVC Banner Signage PVC Stretched Signs

Common Use

1. Building Signboards

2. Super Wide Format Signs

3. Billboards

4. Event Signage

5. Anything that must last longer than 18 Months

The Process

PVC is a printable banner type material. It is used as an alternative to Chromadek, as it is cheaper to replace the surface continuously

The face of the board gets printed at 300dpi on a PVC banner material. This material is stretched in a PVC TENSION SYSTEM, that can be fastened on a frame, or directly onto a building to ultimately give you a huge sign.

Alternatives are also available for banner printing, like free standing banners etc. Please see the Banner section for more detail.



Alternative Substrates Other types of signage

Substrates Available

Foamboard: Indoor signage & Expo Signage

ABS: Safety Signs & temporary signage

Correx: Indoor & Outdoor short term signs (Read More)

Other: Contact us for more information



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