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Easy, affordable and awesome! Correx boards (Estate agent boards) have become one of our most popular products over the last couple of years. It is easy, affordable and looks absolutely stunning thanks to our digital printing process. No conventional printing process can compare with quality of colour when it comes to our correx boards.

Standard Sizes

1. 600 x 400 mm

2. 600 x 800 mm

3. 300 x 400 mm

4. 1250 x 1230 mm

Typical Use

1. On Show Boards (Estate Agents)

2. For Sales Boards (Estate Agents)

3. Short Term Signage

4. Temporary Safety Signs (Construction)

5. Private Sale / Yard Sale



Advantages of Full Colour Correx Comparing Quantity & Quality 

Get Noticed

Maximize your potential by doing your correx (estate agent boards) in full colour, add photos, graphics, anything you like to make your boards stand out above the rest.  Full colour also allows us to use your branding as intended.  Nobody should compromise!

Different standard size boards are also available, so when your board disappear on the side walk, try a bigger size board.  Branding can be adapted by our in house graphic designers, and if you are an existing client, there are no artwork charges when you adjust sizing of your prints.  

Be Different

Because we print with a digital process, you don't even have to stick with one design per order like with conventional printing processes.  Conventional printing requires bulk order per design before it can be affordable enough.  With us, you can have as many different designs as you like at no additional print set-up cost.

Our business concept is simple - we want to help any customer get the best value for money!


{Pic of dithering and DPI samples}

As seen above, conventional print processes limit design & colour use, and when printed in full colour, the colour saturation and DPI (Dots per inch) can never, never compare to a full colour printing process

Samples Some boards we have printed


Correx Stickers & photos Add-on Stickers



A great idea to make the most from your correx boards, is to print a generic template of a design, and stick additional stickers on the boards as you need them.  Here are the most common used writing for these stickers

  • For Sale
  • To Let
  • Sold
  • Name - Telephone
  • Sole Mandate

Always remember with our digital process you dont have to print the same board in your order.  We can print any quantity and any design, just as many as you likes, so in an order of 200 boards, you can have 10 of one design, 150 of another and 40 remaining boards can be a totally different design!


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